Meet Misti

Misti's main purpose is to "Pass On" to others her life experiences to help others "Press On" to be the best they can be.

Life Coaching

Just like a coach is to a football team I am a Christian life coach for women.


I'm honored you are visiting my virtual home and you are spending a little with me! My purpose is to help you realize that you have purpose and potential. No matter what challenges you face, God is here for you. He has an amazing purpose in store for your life. Through Him you will find an abundance of peace, joy and blessings.

Recent Posts

A Different Heartbeat

Things in our lives cause us to have a different heartbeat. It may be a birth defect or it may be from an emotional situation in our lives. Our heart continues to beat no matter what caused the condition it may just beat a little differently. Read to learn why my heart beat is different.

Can You Imagine

Grief we know it. We know what it feels like, what it sounds like. It is weird sometimes the feelings you still feel after a period of time. If you don’t know grief now I’m glad, but one day you will. We all will know it at some point and time.

He Is Worthy

Sunday is our cantata at First Methodist Church Stuttgart. I am singing a song entitled He Is Worthy. I was thinking about last weekend and Personal Pep Rally being honored at the Cattle Baron’s Ball in Little Rock put on… Read More